A Qualitative Analysis of your organisation's culture for inclusion

For companies that have decided to grow through and with the benefit of diversity of thought, yet don’t have internal resources or experience to do so, we offer you our own experience to guide you through the process.

As experts in diversity & inclusion, we are familiar with what works best and what doesn’t.  But the starting point is always the client’s corporate culture.  To determine how inclusive corporate culture is – a pre-requisite to the nurture of diversity - we begin our consulting services with a short qualitative exercise - our Culture Scan. 

The information we gather from this exercise, which is specific to the relevant client, allows us to propose various initiatives, depending on the client’s priorities and budget.  The result: a quick and effective starting point that focuses resources on where they are most needed in order to accomplish the desired objectives.

Another advantage of our consulting services is that, while we do not deliver all the recommended initiatives, when appropriate, we can recommend other high-caliber businesses that do, including consultants focusing on recruitment, HR, employment law and unconscious bias training.

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