Voice At The Table – Our Culture & Values


We are purposeful

Our purpose is to make a difference and add value to our clients by encouraging, supporting and empowering them to grow with gender balance and diversity of thought.

We value difference

We respect and welcome the differences each of us brings to Voice At The Table. We actively explore different ways of thinking and working so that individually and collectively we can do our best work for the organisation and its clients.

We collaborate

We know we can create better solutions for our clients if we combine our different strengths. We find ways to work together which draw out our complementary skills and knowledge. We actively recognise and appreciate the efforts that each person has made.

We inspire

We stimulate the great thinking and creativity which leads to powerful action, by giving each other our genuine attention and by bringing a positive attitude to work.

We learn

We are curious about our own areas of expertise and about our clients’ worlds, and have freedom to explore. We make sure that our knowledge and skills are continually refreshed and expanded. We encourage and act on feedback from each other and from our clients.

We are flexible

We value results and encourage a flexible approach to work so that we are able to balance all our priorities as might suit us individually.


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