Ordinary People, Extraordinary Contributions: Susan Smith on Recognising the Extraordinary in Every Person

Susan is Head of Consulting at Pi Partnership Group, an independent pensions consulting firm specialising in providing a range of services to pension scheme trustee boards and employers .  Her 30 years of experience within the pension industry has involved working with pension schemes with thousands of members to pension schemes across a range of businesses

Hear Susan Smith tell us why Pi Partnership Group, pensions consultants, have chosen to sponsor this event and support Voice At The Table.

Jane Adshead-Grant: Are you Listening or Waiting to Speak?

Listen to this recording of our Friday Voice LIVE podcast and pick up tips and insights on how to become a better listener from one of the best listeners out there.  Jane Adshead-Grant's knowledge and passion for this topic makes this an invaluable lesson for us all.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Contributions: Sue Stockdale on achieving extraordinary goals

Sue Stockdale is an inspirational speaker and executive coach who has helped 1000s of leaders step out of their comfort zone and achieve extraordinary results. In 1996 she became the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole, and has undertaken expeditions to Geographical North Pole, Greenland & Antarctica.

In this podcast, Sue shares her secret on how to achieve extraordinary goals.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Contributions: Katie Driver on How to Recognise when You’re being Held Back

In this special Voice On the Air podcast, Katie Driver explores how we can recognise and tackle the feeling of being held back.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Contributions: Joyce Osei on Creating an Environment that lets Team Members Shine

Special Voice On The Air episode with Joyce Osei, sharing with us how she created a work environment in which her team members were able to achieve great success.

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Contributions: Amanda Cullen on how to get more from your team members

Enjoy this special episode of Voice On The Air where Amanda Cullen tells us how we can get more from our teams