As part of our Training Academy for Professional Women, we curate an offering of workshops that help women progress their careers in a sustainable way.  While we have women in mind, our workshops are equally as popular with men and are offered to women and men alike.  In this way, we help you develop the female talent pipeline, encourage an inclusive culture and help you leverage the diversity of your people.

Our workshops are designed to be practical, encouraging learning in the most effective manner.   Full of hands-on drills, we ensure that we deliver not only content but a way to remember and incorporate the material into daily work routines.  We encourage accountable learning by buddying up delegates to support each other well after the workshop and keep each other on track to meeting their learning commitments, set individually during the workshop.

Our workshops can be offered as a 2-hour session, a 4-hour session and a full-day session.  They are offered to groups of no more than 15 people, thus equipping each delegate with practical, 21st century skills. We come to your premises, saving delegates travel time and venue costs.

For more information on topics and pricing, please contact us.

For in-house networks and teams, we also offer our Voice Shouts60-90 minute presentations to a large audience.  See our list of topics for the ideal Voice Shout for your network.

We also offer coaching and mentoring programmes.