Every journey begins with awareness and understanding.

There are many misunderstandings and untruths about what Diversity and Inclusion is and means. We co-create companywide campaigns which raise awareness and allow people to explore and understand the benefits of creating a diverse and inclusive organisation. In this way, you begin to socialise and signal forthcoming changes before they begin.


Every Awareness Raising campaign is unique and tailored to the team, department or organisation we are working with, starting with where your people are now. We take the time to understand them and the company culture, so we can recommend a range of Awareness Raising tactics that work.

Diversity for Executive Leaders

Your leadership is crucial in creating a diverse and inclusive organisation where everyone benefits. We run workshops which motivate and inspire your senior leadership, helping them discover their personal levels of commitment and the competitive advantage that diversity brings an organisation.  We show them what it means to be an inclusive leader.

Safe, respectful, honest conversations

Your colleagues need to be able to explore their current thinking about Diversity and Inclusion and express their hopes and fears. Suppressing their views is unhelpful for them and the organisation – we encourage open, respectful discussions as this is crucial to building true understanding.

Understanding is crucial to creating a diverse and inclusive organisation where everyone can thrive. Our Awareness Raising consultancy and services are often the first step on a successful journey for many organisations.

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