Active Voice: Six Secrets of Happiness

We’re sharing with you the six secrets of happiness from the author of Dancing by the Light of the Moon, Gyles Brandreth. You may recognise a few and some others might be utterly new – in any case, we hope they contribute to more frequent moments of joy.

  1. Be a Leaf on a Tree.  Be you an individual – but attached to part of a larger whole that’s growing/thriving.    This could be anything from being in  a choir or a reading group or anything where you are part of a community.  
  1. Cultivate a Passion.  Do something you LOVE,  something that sustains you,  but that is not work related !
  1. Break the Mirror.   Stop thinking about yourself,  look UP and OUT.   Those who look to the world beyond themselves tend to have more faith in life.
  1. Live in the Moment.   Focus on what’s happening in the here and now and relish it, focus on your senses
  2. Don’t Resist Change.  We should from time to time rock the boat and embrace change.
  3. ‘Be Happy’:   As the Dalai Lama said: ‘ Choose to be optimistic  – it just feels better.”