Active Voice: Start The Year With A Career Makeover

Thinking of giving your career an overhaul? We give you a handful of tips on how to get more from your job this year and beyond.

  1. Prioritise yourself – set aside time to have a “discussion” with yourself; consider what makes you happy at work, what doesn’t and where you might want to go. Investigate whether there are training days, evening courses or online learning modules that you can access to make you more employable.
  2. “Who” you know is more important than “what” you know for career progression. Start building up your network, update your Linkedin profile, bite the bullet and begin attending networking events.
  3. Set out a game plan. Anticipate what you need to do to further your career and draw up pragmatic strategies that will help you to achieve your goals. Reinventing careers can be overwhelming, so make a list of “to-dos” and cross one off each day or week.
  4. Explore the possibility of using a mentor to help you get ahead – for more inspiration read our Editorial column.
  5. Be flexible; some career changes take time to implement and this needs to be a consideration if you have financial or family commitments. Take small steps, but work on your plans every day.
  6. Be realistic about setting a timetable. A career makeover or reboot doesn’t happen overnight. Give yourself time to accommodate mistakes and learn from them and also to revise your plans.

To make it all a bit easier to organise, join our webinar on 17th January – Run Your Career as if it’s Your Business.  For a £15 investment,  Voice At The Table’s resident expert on Career Mapping and Mentoring Schemes, Karin Mueller, will set you on the right track to re-shaping your career.