Active Voice: We’re All Going on a Summer Holiday… of Sorts!

Summer is upon us, albeit unlike any summer we’ve ever known before. Holiday plans are in chaos – but they seem to be the hottest topic on everyone’s lips as we optimistically clamber for a ray of hope so that we may get away somewhere we can re-energise and refill our dwindling supplies of motivation to keep going. As you contemplate your (limited) travel options, we offer you some novel and inspiring tips on what you can do with your annual leave on home ground.

  • Pack a picnic and head out on day-trips to National Trust parks and gardens. There are so many to choose from that you could fill a week visiting different locations and enjoying greener surroundings.
  • Camping looks set to be a possibility as it would lend itself well to social distancing. It’s safe to assume that, along with the rest of the hospitality industry, campsites and caravan sites in England could re-open on 4th July as part of further easing of lockdown measures, although this is subject to change. A second wave of Coronavirus infections would certainly see reopening dates pushed back indefinitely. Cool camping
  • Pamper yourself (and your family) with virtual spa days. Set up the bathroom ready for a relaxing day of long baths, pampering, and maybe a facemask or two. If you’re feeling really extravagant you could always hire a hot tub. For a more holistic twist line up some yoga or meditation videos on YouTube for some deep relaxation.
  • Learn a new language. There are many companies offering free or reduced cost packages to learn a new language during lockdown. Be it French, Spanish, Italian or other. Choose your language and spend the week immersing yourself in in the words, music and food of this country. Rosetta Stone; DuoLingo
  • Get on your bike. Cycle sales have soared during the Covid-19 pandemic. The roads are definitely quieter and it’s a great way to explore new places, especially if you purchase a bike rack and drive to different destinations before swapping four wheels for two. Cycling UK
  • Cook along to a YouTube masterclass, or try an online painting tutorial. In the case of gastronomy, you could turn the experience into a Master-chef style competition with other members of your family each cooking a different dish and marking them out of 10. By the end of the week, you’ll have a winner and a broader culinary palette!
  • Raise a glass to “virtual wine tasting” – yes, you can sign up for an online session, which includes wines delivered to your door and a unique code to sign in to the video workshop. Just sit back, sip and enjoy. Companies offering this service include: the drinks business ; pull the cork; West London wine school