Active Voice: Women of the World unite for IWD

Spread the word; we offer you a handful of ideas on how to promote and celebrate International Women’s Day on 8th March 2020.

  1. Join in a local Women’s Day event near you. There are so many fantastic opportunities to support the cause, with events running in towns and cities across the country, including a walking tour in Manchester to celebrate its “heroic” women, a “sketchathon” in Edinburgh, a “girl-power” silent disco in London and a “winning women” workshop in Southampton. To find an event near you visit Eventbrite.
  2. Although IWD falls on a Sunday this year, in the week ahead, why not organise a series of lunch-time speed-mentoring sessions with women across the business? Spend 15-minutes talking to a woman from another department and see what you can learn from their experiences.
  3. Send a complimentary email to a fellow female colleague or friend telling them why you think they’re a superwoman. Being each other’s cheerleaders and collaboratively singing each other’s praises matters every day, but why not make an extra big deal this IWD?
  4. We never make enough time for ourselves, so maybe switch off your phone, laptop etc. and dive into a book by a feminist or inspirational female author? Literature is studded with spectacular works of fiction, theory, and criticism. Be inspired by modern-day feminist heroes, or witness how far we’ve come (and how far we have to go).
  5. Profile some of your organisation’s amazing women on your website – it will show your commitment to them, boost their self- esteem and give them the confidence to push ahead with their career.
  6. And finally, why not book a session with one of our associates from Voice At The Table to help promote gender diversity in your workplace? We can advise you how to implement policies to fight gender discrimination and encourage diversity in your business.