Build your Resilience: Keep Yourself Revitalised and Fresh So That You Can Go Faster and Further in Your Career



Description:  If you want to have a successful and sustainable career, you have to go beyond surviving, to thrive and flourish.  A key to this is being resilient which will ensure you are better equipped to handle whatever is thrown at you and manage the demands of clients, peers, teams, managers, stakeholders and family in a rational and achievable way.

Based on Stephen Covey’s “Sharpen the Saw”, learn how to nourish your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual energies so that you can excel at delivering whatever is asked of you. In this workshop Cara Moore and Rina Goldenberg Lynch, themselves professionals balancing the demands of careers and family commitments will show you how to build a strong resilient core and that trying to ‘do it all’ and not looking after yourself can be your undoing.   

During the workshop delegates will:

  • Learn what resilience is and why being resilient is so important
  • Understand the difference between time-management and energy-management
  • Learn how to ask for help and delegate
  • Learn ways to say “No”
  • Understand that having the right mind-set and attitude is crucial.

By the end of the workshop delegates will: 

  • Have tips and strategies to build their resilience
  • Know how to achieve more in less time
  • Feel more in control and able to manage what’s expected of them
  • Feel empowered to have honest conversations about what will make a difference.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You’ve got far too much on your plate, you feel overwhelmed and it’s beginning to show you can’t cope
  • You rush through tasks so they often don’t get done properly and vital things get missed
  • You spend your time fire fighting rather than focusing your effort and adding value
  • You’ve lost sight of your purpose, you’re operating on auto-pilot and life is very unrewarding
  • You feel that everyone has a piece of you and your needs no longer seem to matter