Career Boosting Conversations

Career Boosting/Courageous Conversations: Asking for Promotions/ Conversations with difficult people/How to manage upward /Confronting a colleague***

This workshop is about having the courage to have pro-active conversations that lead to real progress.   It is about cutting through the nonsense, and getting to the deeper meaning of a conversation with the objective of moving forward.  Find the courage to have a productive conversation that produce results. Dare to push the boundaries with courageous conversation.

The workshop features the 4 steps to having a courageous conversation, allowing for practice sessions in between each module.

Step 1: Diagnose the need: The first step to having a productive conversation is to understand what needs to move forward and what the barriers are.

Step 2: Adapt your style to the person that you are speaking to. That doesn’t mean adapt your personality, just your style.

Step 3: Raise the bar: It wouldn’t be called a Career Boosting Conversation if it didn’t require challenging the norm. But that doesn’t mean disagree with everything. It is about challenge assumptions.

Step 4: Essential tools – Because we were never taught how to communicate in school, I teach all my clients the best practice communication skills.

Your Trainer: Janet Tarasofsky

Janet is an award-winning speaker determined to help people express themselves more effectively with precise language. She helps people travel more comfortable between the blurred lines of communication and improves working relationships by reducing common miscommunications.
Janet believes that sharp communication is the best way to keep people motivated and engaged. Janet has 18 years’ experience in the consumer goods industry developing and marketing products around the globe. She has worked for small and large size businesses and created over 500 products in her career.