Coach Enquiry

The power of coaching – case study

Sarah decided to work with a coach when she realised that she was standing in the way of her own success. She was great in her role, but despite reaching (or exceeding) her KPI’s and getting good feedback, Sarah tended to dismiss her achievements. For example, after being congratulated for an excellent presentation at a department meeting she would say “it was nothing really” or “anyone could have done it”.

Through coaching, Sarah began to appreciate her strengths, values and passions and to recognise her own valuable, authentic contribution. She let go of the untrue limiting beliefs she had about her strong regional accent and very distinctive looks, realising that these were part of her brand and made her memorable. She began to own her successes and when she won the award for Most Collaborative Team Leader at the Company Annual Awards, Sarah was able to gracefully and self-assuredly accept her colleagues’ praise with a smile and a “thank you”.

Sarah has now been selected for the “high-flyers” career acceleration programme and is an inspiring and relatable role model to other women in her organisation.

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