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Digital Services

Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviour in the Workplace©

Helping those at the start of their career to embed inclusive behaviours with a series of 10 short videos introducing our 8 Inclusive Behaviours©.


Stepping Stones are aimed at those at the start of their careers, to help embed and practise how to be inclusive as they go through their working lives.

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Bias Busting Challenge© 

Building bias busting habits in the workplace to create a more inclusive working environment 

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This gamified app-based challenge is designed to build positive habits and good practice to minimise bias in the workplace; it can be used to reinforce learning from our bias workshops, or stand alone and a way of changing behaviours.  

How it works

Aimed at anyone in the organisation who wishes to practice recognising and minimising bias, this is our 21-day online challenge, custom built within our app. The Challenge is designed to reinforce learning and develop good habits of noticing and tackling bias.  With daily microlessons and opportunities to practise and share experiences with a digital cohort, uncovering bias becomes a front-of-mind activity.  People from different teams and jurisdictions can join together and interact with each other on the app, and it takes only 5-10 minutes per day to participate.   

As part of the challenge, participants are prompted to take and record simple actions to reinforce their learning.  Also included also are several virtual touch-in calls that offer opportunities to engage with others. Email Rina for more information and pricing. 

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With our Bias Busting Challenge© your team will: 

  • Learn more about bias in the workplace – what it looks and sounds like, and how it impacts people 
  • Start to understand and manage their own natural biases 
  • Be challenged to make small changes to their behaviours in order to act more inclusively 

Your investment in the Bias Busting Challenge© (exclusive of VAT) 

The Bias Busting Challenge is priced according to the number of people joining from your organisation.  Up to 50 people is an investment of £2,950 and for 51-100 people the cost is £4,500.  

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 Daily EDI Nudges© 

The perfect introduction to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) in the workplace through short daily nudges 


Our Daily Nudges SMS programme delivers the What? Why? How? of EDI in short daily doses via SMS, with optional additional resources to explore each day. It represents the perfect EDI introduction for all staff in a scalable and affordable format. 

This SMS programme for all staff takes individuals through the very basics of EDI, raising awareness and providing opportunities to practise small changes.  It is a 4-week programme, with both weekly and daily themes.  

How it works

Over the 30-day SMS programme, daily prompts and inspirations are sent to participants to actively encourage them to engage in EDI practices.  Each daily Nudge is a short SMS message with a link to further publicly-available resources curated by us for this programme, or in some cases a link to material we have generated.  Following weekly themes, this programme progresses from the most basic concepts of EDI to understanding how and why each individual participant should drive EDI in their teams and organisations.    

With additional resources and activity prompts, the Daily EDI Nudges are as comprehensive as each person wants them to be.  Each recipient can choose to engage with the full content, to further their learning, knowledge and understanding or, on days with no time to take a breath, engage solely with the SMS.  Weekends are left free of messaging to allow participants to catch up and to complete activities, with a Weekend Challenge suggested for further thinking and practice.  

Email Rina for more information and pricing. 

Sample Content

Sample SMS Nudge in Week 1  

(In Week 1, with the theme ‘What is EDI?’) 

Knowledge is Power.  Diversity enhances and expands your understanding of others.  


Sample Weekend Challenge  

(At the end of Week 1, with the theme ‘What is EDI?’) 

Ask your partner/family/friend what they think Diversity is really about. Explain the view you now have of it, after the first week of Nudges, and try to explain to them how it connects with Inclusion and Equity.   

Sample Message Week 3  

(In Week 3, with the theme ‘What can we do about what stands in the way of EDI?’)  

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.

Albert Einstein.

If we want to attract Diversity, we must do and think differently.   


With our Daily EDI Nudges© your team will: 

  • Learn about the fundamental characteristics and the importance of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion 
  • Understand the benefits of greater Diversity 
  • Explore what stands in the way of Inclusion 
  • Explore ways to counteract barriers to EDI 
  • Start to recognise how they can have an impact as individuals and make small changes to their own behaviours to act more inclusively 
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Your investment in the Daily EDI Nudges© programme  

The Daily EDI Nudges© programme is priced according to the number of people joining from your organisation.

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