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D&I How To … Create an Inclusive Workplace of The Future, Today.

September 16 @ 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM

In this session we will discuss how to create a fully inclusive workplace culture where D&I challenges dissolve.

Visualize the future where your workplace – whether remote or in an office – is a space of healthy interactivity within your leaders, teams, workforce, and suppliers. It is an environment where you experience an enthusiastic #REALSYNERGY between different people. You see people of all personalities, diversities, and talents fine-tune their connectivity every day.

Are there plenty of smiles to greet the day? Is there a collective responsibility and awareness of differences and a mind-flow that honestly embraces naturally different types of people?

Or is there still a culture of tensions, harassment, and inequalities experienced as a daily battle?

In this future space of no judgement, we find lots of creativity and inclusion and – dare we imagine – fun. Here we find D&I challenges have dissolved and if occur are readily and easily resolved.

Let’s start with the end in mind. What choices do we need to make now in order to deliver this gathering of multiple perspectives of that seemingly idyllic future?

How could we engage in that future work culture now (given current pandemic tensions), so that we can come to work with mindful passion and enthusiasm knowing you are valued and respected?

What if there are few or no traumatic conflicts to resolve, no harassment cases, nor unhealthy tensions and unnecessary confusion between individuals, teams, and control systems in the organization.

Sounds like magic. Everyone has different perspectives you say, how can we get past the past barriers to unity?

Get out your wand and let’s create that space of no judgement now.

This webinar will encourage you, the participant, to map out your perspectives to create a NEW NARRATIVE for #REAL SYNERGY for a future all will embrace. This looks to the future first, to design your desired outcome and suggestions for ways to reverse engineer to today.

Dr. Pauline Crawford

With 30+ years of entrepreneurial history, Pauline became known as The Ambassador of Magical Conversations as she ventured across UK/Europe, Asia Pacific, and USA, fulfilling her mission of enabling leaders … female and male … in the application of value-creation regarding the formation of people-centric collaborative cultures.

Her earliest research, using mapping techniques developed over 30 years, led Pauline to found Corporate Heart International (CHI), the world leader in the field of Gender Dynamics© Intelligence (GDI). GDI focuses on essentials such as:

  • Real Synergy Leadership
  • Wellness Cultures
  • Business Relationships Transformation
  • Crisis Management (re: COVID-19)

She created and refined the unique Crawford Gender Dynamics© Map which enables women and men alike to create a new narrative for business and life, forging greater synergy and a measurable ROI in productivity and creativity.

Designer of the Magical Conversations Formula and Wellness Survey Map, Pauline ensures that focused conversations develop with no judgment, anger, or pressure. GDI techniques combine to engage people to encourage Value Creation inclusive of all input.

UK clients include corporations such as Coutts Bank, Barclays, British Telecom, Astra Zeneca, HP Consulting, Innovation Norway, eBay, Urenco, London Metropolitan Police, and several Law Firms in the UK. Internationally, clients include:

The Ministry of Women, Malaysian Government

MYWIN Academy for Female Entrepreneurs, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and

The Razak School of Government, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Now residing in the US, Pauline is focused on entrepreneurs and corporate clients wanting to engage their people in a value creation culture of collaboration.

Master Classes, Workshops, Webinars, and GDI Coaching and Train-the-Trainer on the art and science of Gender Dynamics© Intelligence (GDI).

CEO of Corporate Heart International, Chief Culture Officer MY-CEO Crisis Management, Public Speaker, Changemaker, Gender Dynamics© Creator and Expert, Culture Architect, Certified Image Consultant, Originator of Magical Conversations, Published Author, ME and PhD in Entreprenology (Research on Wellness Cultures UK 2003/5)


September 16
5:00 PM - 6:00 PM


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