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From Business Cards to Strategic Relationships: Networking – How to Love it

13 November 2020 @ 11:00 - 11:45

WEBINAR:   From Business Cards to Strategic Relationships: Networking – How to Love It

We all recognise that networking events are crucial to career progression, whether that be internal or external.  But what if we don’t feel comfortable in a number of networking situations? 

I this interactive webinar Joanna Gaudoin shows you how to approach networking in a way that is natural for you and how to make the prospect of a networking event one that you look forward to.  Providing you with a number of practical tips for preparing to attend, attending and following up afterwards to be implemented at the very next networking opportunity, this webinar can be regarded as the foundation to becoming a successful networker.

Joanna Gaudoin

I help individuals in the financial and professional services sectors achieve greater career success, and their organisations improve business performance, by working with them on their personal impact and relationship building skills. Prior to establishing my own business, I spent 10 years in marketing and consultancy, so I know the issues individuals face and what it is really like working in a large organisation. It is frequently people and relationships, whether they be colleagues, clients or partners that are at the root of the biggest challenges.

I am highly experienced at running workshops on all aspects of the impact we have on others, how to engage with them and how to build great professional relationships. I have also worked in-depth with many clients one-to-one helping them to work out what is holding them back regarding their impact at work and how they relate to others and the practical steps they can take to improve their situation and progress their career. Examples have included helping clients work on their personal impact to improve engagement and exposure with more senior colleagues, helping clients navigate challenging relationships at work and working with clients on all aspects of looking for a new role, from creating their LinkedIn profile and CV through to having a positive and memorable impact at interview.

My work is based on improving your self-awareness, developing the knowledge you need to work on what you have discovered and then putting into practice what you have learnt. With a client, my priorities are to be approachable, attentive and practical to help them be their best self at work and achieve what they want to.