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Workshop: Get Better At Stress

29 October 2015 @ 09:30 - 13:30

Use emotional intelligence to reduce anxiety, stop overwhelm and turn stress to your advantage. 


Do you often feel stressed?  Is it affecting your work, relationships or health?  You can “Get Better at Stress”.  Latest science shows that stress doesn’t have to be harmful.  When we understand it we can change the way we think about it and this means that we can turn stress into our friend, not our enemy.  

This workshop is for you if:

  •  You who are setting out on your career path and want to manage your working life well.
  • You are a senior manager who is aware that they are under pressure and at risk of ‘burn out’.
  • You want to be able to recognise work related stress in employees you manage.
  • You want to engage your staff, retain your best people and build the leaders of the future. 

During the workshop delegates will:

  •  Learn how to recognise stress and your unique response and how to identify stress in others.
  • The new science – how changing your thinking actually reduces your body’s harmful response to stress.
  • How to stop the ‘amygdala hijack’ (flying off the handle) and keep your power, no matter how provoked or stressed you are.
  • How developing the skills of Emotional Intelligence enable changes in unhelpful habits and behaviours.
  • Discover the value of mindfulness in the recognition and change of obstructive thought patterns. 

By the end of the workshop delegates will: 

  • Experience a shift in their thinking about and attitude to stress
  • Be able to recognise their stress response and intervene early to positively influence their reaction.
  • Understand how the skills of self-awareness and self-management enhance their day to day stress management
  • Have a basic understanding of the importance of Emotional Intelligence
  • Be equipped with practical exercises and tools to increase Emotional Intelligence and begin to practice basic mindfulness techniques.

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Your Trainer: Hazel McCallum


Hazel McCallum

Hazel McCallum

The modern working world is stressful. Studies consistently show that at least a third of people say that stress and lack of coping skills affects their performance at work. It also negatively impacts upon their personal lives.

Hazel is a CPD accredited trainer and coach working with individuals and organisations to change their thinking about stress, develop Emotional Intelligence and develop practical skills to increase their performance.

As a result, organisations gain a competitive advantage and reap the benefits – better Client relationships; greater productivity; better employee engagement and higher rates of staff retention – saving money and building Leaders of the future.




29 October 2015
09:30 - 13:30
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