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Tuesday@10 Weekly Virtual Sessions for Work & Life (5 sessions) 23/6-21/7

30 June 2020 @ 10:00 - 11:00

A series of 5 virtual sessions – Tuesdays at 10am – to help you in your work and home life. Details below.

Buy one session for £29 and get the other four free! The five one hour sessions are:

23 June: The Relevance of Office Politics in the Virtual World with Joanna Gaudoin

‘Office politics’ very often has negative connotations. But surely it’s a thing of the past, now that we’re working from home more and more? Not quite! Where there are different people with varying interests, motivations and behaviours, organisational politics – in person or a screen away – will also be present. In this virtual session we will introduce you to different types of political ‘animals’, show you how to identify them in virtual meetings and conversations, and share with you tips on how you can develop the necessary skills for a more positive political impact and be less fearful of ‘office politics’ as a result.

30 June: Happy For No Good Reason with Indira Kennedy

These unusual times are challenging our ability to feel happy, especially while working from home and learning to flourish within social-distancing rules. We will explore how the brain impacts on our experiences of happiness, and some simple steps to lift our energy and maintain our levels of happiness for longer.

This webinar is for individuals and leaders who want to:

• learn how to keep mood and morale high

• help others to self-manage emotions effectively

• stay engaged, future-focused and optimistic

• build greater mental health and wellbeing

Mostly, it is our unconscious mind that is making our choices for us – and very often they are not the ones that work. Indira will introduce a stepped process for designing happiness that lasts, and help you stay in charge.

7 July: Networking in the virtual world with Joanna Gaudoin

Although we live and work in a virtual world at the moment, networking remains an integral part of career progression. But how do we network without face-to-face interaction? And how do we build and maintain crucial relationships virtually? In this training session we will show you how to build personal relationships when it isn’t possible to meet in person and share practical tips on how to network at virtual events like you would have face-to-face.

14 July: Communicating Remotely with Jayne Constantinis

We’re all communicating remotely at the moment, and looks like we will continue to do so for a while yet. This type of communication requires a particular set of skills and techniques. In this brief virtual training session, we will share with you how to shine in what can, for many, be a challenging and alien environment. Full of practical tips, you will find not only useful but invaluable.

21 July: Why You Need Mentors and Sponsors and How To Find Them Karin Mueller

We have heard it time and time again: Building relationships and networking is a skill that is key to professional success in the 21st century. However, simply building our network isn’t enough. We also have to learn how to leverage relationships and build an effective personal career support team if we want to accelerate our careers and reach our goals.

Having mentors has long been recognised as a powerful career enabler. But research shows that it’s at least as important to have influential sponsors.

But what exactly is a sponsor? How do they differ from mentors? And how can you effectively build a team of sponsors and mentors that will help you succeed with your ambitions?

In this session, leadership and career coach Karin Mueller talks about the differences of mentors and sponsors, why we definitely need both and most importantly she shares some practical tips for how to build powerful mentoring and sponsorship relationships.