Individual Membership Services

Career development is a journey with many stops on the way, requiring different type of support at different junctures.  The most effective and efficient way to receive this support is by tailoring it to one’s needs, having access to a variety of tools and resources.  Our membership services offer just that: real, transformational learning, support and motivation, tailored to the needs of the individual.

Our individual membership provides an online variety of training and resources as well as a number of free and discounted training courses and events.

We believe in sustainable learning that comes from both classroom-style and on-line modules, within a supportive environment and with each individual’s personal commitment to growth and development.   That’s what we offer as part of our CLEAR Membership.  CLEAR stands for

Community – supporting you with our member community.

Learning – versatile and time-effective.

Embedding –  ensuring what you learn actually sticks.

Accountability – ensuring you take personal responsibility for your learning.

Result! – monitoring progress and personal development.


  • Serious about your own professional developments
  • Looking for a supportive community of women from a number of different industries and backgrounds
  • Prepared to take personal responsibility for your self-development
  • Interested in fresh, relevant content on familiar themes, developed by gender diversity experts who are passionate about women’s role in society
  • Looking for consistent and predictable quality from one provider of a wide array of professional development services

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