Our Research Project

Overcoming challenges to retaining a diverse workforce in support of greater business success

colors-1423117-1600x1200We believe that inclusive corporate cultures are a key driver of business success.  Evidence tells us, however, that most companies do not have sufficiently inclusive cultures that capitalise on their employees’ diverse strengths, including those of women.

We are conducting research to:

(1) understand the reasons for our collective inability to meet gender diversity objectives; and

(2) offer concrete solutions – common and bespoke – that will help transform corporate culture to help companies benefit from the full diversity of their workforce.  Will you help us?

What’s involved?

Our confidential structured interview with a senior business leader lasts about one hour and focuses on specific business areas that stand to benefit from a balanced approach to gender and other diversity.  Areas of focus are the growth elements of the business and leadership/workplace dynamics.

To cultivate and open dialogue, confidentiality and anonymity will be observed at all times.  All research results will be anonymised and presented as cumulative findings.  Results specific to any particular company will be shared solely with that company.

Our selected industries include:

Banking and Investment, Insurance, Financial and Professional Services, Engineering and other STEM, Technology and Pharma.

Timing: Interviews will take place during January to March 2017.

What’s in it for you?

All participants will receive a copy of our research findings, which will equip them with:

  • Benchmarking information on how their diversity efforts compare to those of peer companies.
  • Insights on how others have addressed the same key issues that they are facing – and the degree of success that has resulted.
  • Recommended solutions to common challenges.

There will also be an opportunity to subsequently explore the findings in person, and to consider the implications, with a Voice At The Table consultant.

Please contact us to arrange a one-hour meeting and for more information.