Resident Expert on Webinars and Podcasts

Andrea James

Andrea is the host of Voice On The Air, iVoice, Friday Voice and various other podcast/webinar programmes that we offer at Voice At The Table.

Andrea is the creator of Cooking for Life, an online cooking course that teaches career-driven people how to cook and how to fit cooking into our busy lives.

Andrea has combined her unusual career of being a chef (after studying clinical science at university) and decision-making trainer to create a cooking course with a unique perspective.   She helps clients understand how to make cooking decisions and also how to form habits that meet their lifestyle goals.

Having worked in the corporate world for many years, Andrea understands the mental exhaustion of her clients. Her course enables people to break away from the slavery of recipes and whip up nutritious meals even with a demanding schedule.

Andrea combines serious messages with tongue-in-cheek fun.   She has introduced concepts such as “Sensefulness” for clients who struggle mindfulness. Her clients are able to use cooking (which stimulates all senses: taste, smell, touch, sound and sight) to take a much needed mental break from work and they get a bonus of having a delicious meal at the end.

When Andrea is not cooking, eating, teaching or making cooking videos, she feeds her information junkie habit with media played at double speed, blogs and her burgeoning stack of books.

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