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Cara Moore

Work-Life Balance, Resilience, Limiting Beliefs, Imposter Syndrome

Resident Expert on Work-Life Balance, Resilience, Limiting Beliefs, Imposter Syndrome

Cara empowers future women leaders to realise their potential. She trains, mentors and coaches women how to overcome the Imposter Syndrome, fear of failure and other common limiting beliefs that hold women back from confidently and proactively progressing their careers.

Cara is passionate about supporting women to make their careers work – she shows them how to build their self-belief and navigate a successful career path, and how to manage the competing demands of clients, colleagues, children and parents whilst not neglecting their own well-being. Cara knows that self-doubt, guilt and overwhelm go hand-in-hand with being a working woman, but it is possible to become self-assured and resilient and reap the rewards of having a fulfilling career, an income and a life at home.

Cara holds the highly regarded Professional Certified Coach status with the ICF and has a professional services background in Chartered Surveying. She has 3 sons and a gorgeous Springer Spaniel called Google.

Cara runs workshops on the following topics:

  • Done is Better than Perfect, how to stop perfectionism and other limiting beliefs from holding you back
  • The Female Art of Blagging with Integrity
  • The Professional Balancing Act – How to Succeed as a Working Parent
  • The Imposter Syndrome, tackling the challenge of owning your talents and accomplishments
  • The Answer to Well-being and Happiness, cultivate your Inner Strength (a workshop on resilience)

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