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charlotte williams diversity and inclusion consultant

Charlotte Williams

D&I Consultant

Charlotte is a Diversity and Inclusion consultant, trainer and a producer for BBC Learning English. Charlotte specializes in inclusive linguistics, D&I in education and the psychology of inclusive behaviours.

Charlotte’s career began in education. She taught English and in her spare time she created a role as an inclusivity advisor, as it had become clear that her school, and many others, were lacking in representation. Charlotte soon took this initiative company-wide and very quickly, she was giving nationwide and subsequently global talks on creating more inclusive spaces for management, employees and clients. She is currently the highest-rated presenter and producer on BBC Learning English, where she is writing and delivering content on inclusive language.

Informed by her degree in Applied Psychology and Sociology, Charlotte believes that an empathic and joyful approach drives effective and long-lasting behavior change. She creates open and enjoyable training and consultancy spaces where she encourages her clients to make positive change because they WANT to, not because they are being told to.

In her spare time Charlotte enjoys beautiful country walks, swimming in the sea and her side-hustle as a Humanist celebrant where she brings her passion for inclusivity to wedding ceremonies.

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