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Dr. Pauline Crawford

Gender Dynamics© & Gender-related Communications Preferences

Resident Expert on Gender Dynamics© & Gender-related Communications Preferences


Founder and Chief Executive of Corporate Heart, with over 25 years as a Performance Consultant. She is the designer and facilitator of Gender Dynamics©- a framework for behavioural transformation, using tools and techniques from Emotional Intelligence, Professional Reputation, Image Consultancy, Communication Skills, Leadership and Performance.  Graduating as a Sociology & Statistics BA, Pauline’s career spans Tourism Marketing; Creative Design; Image Consultancy; and Business Psychology, delivering High Impact Communication and Magical Conversation Workshops. She holds her MBA and PhD, awarded by the International University of Entreprenology, established in the State of Hawaii, USA.

Since 1990, Pauline has led her own business enterprise, culminating in establishing Corporate Heart Ltd in December 1999 with a wide range of Cultural Transformation Programmes, using well researched tools and techniques, and leading an expert team. She has conducted her own Organisational Wellness Research 2003/4 across major organizations, led a major Wellness Debate series of conferences 2005, and worked across diverse business from Banking, Law, Financial, Leisure, Retail and Health sectors since 1990 to the current day. Taking a sabbatical during 2012/13 to marry and relocate to Malaysia, she has now established her profile there, delivering Gender Intelligence Leadership programs for The Ministry of Women, Family & Community Development; Gender Dynamics© Communication for Lawyers at the BAR Council, and currently working in partnership with her husband Dr James Omps, a professor of Entreprenology from the US, she is engaged in a unique Entrepreneurial Track created, designed and delivered by their own local team, over a 6 month period, for female Micro-enterprise Owner Managers in Kuala Lumpur and outlying regions of Malaysia.

Pauline specializes in a new approach to communication and leadership using Gender Dynamics© in the boardroom and across an organization, working with men and women on how they interact for success. Combined with her expertise in confidence building, relationship management, individual and team engagement, she presents a new perspective on inter-personal skills, communication and conversation that transforms professional executives into boardroom successes.

A conference speaker for over 25 years, Pauline has appeared on TV, radio and conference platforms on many topics including; gender intelligence at work; women in the boardroom; organizational wellness;  transformation of diverse cultures; leadership presence. Working with her clients on their ‘inner game’, her passion is to enable everyone to leverage their natural potential and achieve highly successful and productive professional lives.