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Indira Kennedy

Emotional Intelligence, Learning & Development and Inclusive Leadership.

Resident Expert on Emotional Intelligence, Learning & Development and Inclusive Leadership.

Indira Kennedy is known for easefully turning ‘soft skills’ into practical, core workplace essentials. She works with executives to become fully self-aware and lead masterfully using multiple intelligences, including EQ and SQ, as a holistic approach to development. When applied to leadership and team culture it becomes the secret to meaningful and lasting results.

In Australia, Indira trained and coached a broad range of senior executives across organizations such as National Australia Bank, and now offers transformational leadership programs to Boards, CEOs and executive teams as part of a sustainable diversity and inclusion strategy in the U.K. Clients are typically facing people leadership and succession challenges. Some of the organisations Indira has worked with include UK Sport, Royal National Institute for the Blind, Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation and Carers Trust. She brings more than thirty-five years’ experience in the corporate, government and non-profit sectors and has worked closely with legal compliance and governance teams.

Indira holds a Bachelor of Education from Monash University and is a trained executive coach, certified by the Institute of Executive Coaching and Leadership (Australia), and accredited as an ACC with the International Coach Federation.

Indira uses her background in neuropsychology and counselling, mindfulness and meditation to enhance her leadership workshops and coaching sessions.

Indira runs sessions on the following topics:

  • Emotional Intelligence: Unlocking Your Secret Weapon At Work
  • Emotional Intelligence for Emerging Leaders: a series of 3 workshops, focusing on self-awareness, self-regulation, and awareness of others.
  • Emotional Intelligence for Senior Leaders: Relationship Skills
  • Signature presence: work from the inside out to have more influence, inspire confidence and advance your career.
  • Realising your full potential: understanding your ‘why’.
  • Are you future-proofing yourself? Essential super-skills for the leader of the new era. 
  • Dealing with authority in the C21 organisation: Egalitarian leader or dog-handler?

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