Meet The Team

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Inge Woudstra

Client Engagement Lead and Principal Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Expertise includes:  

  • EDI Ambition 
  • The EDI Business Case 
  • EDI Strategy and Action Plan 
  • Inclusive Recruitment 
  • Inclusive Promotion 
  • Inclusive Succession 
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices and Toolkits 
  • eLearning 
  • Gender Balance 
  • Gender Difference 
  • Gender Pay Gap 
  • Women Leadership 
  • Inclusive Behaviours 
  • Inclusive Leadership 
  • The Corporate EDI Journey 

Inge brings over 10 years of experience in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, working mostly in the tech, energy and engineering industries. She partners with clients to help them become even better by showing them how to tap into the talents and ambitions of all their people.  

Inge often works with leadership teams to increase understanding and commitment to EDI and develop an EDI strategy. She also works with leaders and teams to drive behaviour change and help every team and individual develop, improve and embed Inclusive Behaviours.

She has a particular interest in addressing systemic bias using process nudges that encourage inclusive behaviours. She is a specialist in inclusive talent management.  

Inge is actively involved with the Offshore Wind Council, the  

Tech Talent Charter and iMasons, where she won an award for EDI support of the Global Data Infrastructure industry (2021).  She has written a number of highly valued industry best practice guides and toolkits on EDI, and her team was the Winner of the Tech Talent Charter hackathon with a Best Practice resource on Inclusive Promotion (2021). 

Inge is a specialist in gender inclusion and is the author of ‘Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women’. Her main message in the book is: ‘Leverage the value of difference; don’t change women, change organisations’. 

Before moving into EDI, Inge held process design, change management and consultancy roles in international organisations such as Siemens and Shell, and worked in Executive Development as a tutor at Ashridge Business School. With a background in commercial organisations and a master’s degree in Business Management, clients can expect Inge to keep a strong focus on business results. Our clients like her pragmatic approach, and value the way she finds high-impact practical solutions to complex issues.  

Inge is Dutch, and has lived and worked in the UK for the last 18 years. Inge has worked with many clients in the UK and the US, but has also delivered talks and workshops in The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Canada, India, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.  

Clients include:  

Technip Energies, Anthony Veder, Total, Navigant, EDF Luminus, Intel, NHS, Public Health England,  Edwards, Thermofisher, HSBC, Hiscox, Ashurst, TalkTalk, Royal Academy of Engineering, Taylor Hopkinson, Firesprite, and a variety of professional membership associations in professional services energy, tech and engineering.  


MSc Business Management, Psychology A&B, Creative Facilitation, Facilitating Action Learning Sets, Brain Friendly learning, Inspiring Speaker Certification 

Training and Facilitation Topics on Implementing EDI 

  • EDI Ambition 
  • EDI Strategy and Action Plan 
  • Choosing Impactful Initiatives 
  • Inclusive Recruitment  
  • Inclusive Promotion 
  • Inclusive Behaviour 
  • Inclusive Leadership 
  • Addressing Unconscious Bias 
  • Facilitating Focus Groups 

Inspiring Talks  

Inge is an inspiring speaker, with a passionate, engaging style. Her talks are highly interactive, with personal stories, statistics, discussion, fresh ideas and insights and some truly practical actions. 

Inge’s Talk Topics: 

  • It’s not about Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, it’s about you. Engaging people with Inclusion. For all staff. 
  • Value of Difference. Engaging people with gender inclusion. For managers and hiring managers, or all staff 
  • Gender Smart Working. For mixed gender teams 
  • Gender Smart Leadership. For managers and team leaders 
  • Grow your Career the Gender Smart Way. For Women 

Inge Woudstra ’s talks are ideal if you are looking to: 

  • Engage men, women and leaders in Equity, Diversity & Inclusion  
  • Build mutual respect 
  • Develop understanding of the value of difference 
  • Change mindsets 
  • Increase gender awareness 
  • Boost women’s confidence and help them own their strengths 
  • Leverage talent 
  • Inspire effective new steps towards gender balance.