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Inge Woudstra

Principal Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant

Expertise includes: EDI Business Case and Strategy, Inclusive Recruitment, Inclusive Promotion, Inclusive Succession, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Best Practices and Toolkits, eLearning, Gender Balance, Gender Difference, Gender Pay Gap, Women Leadership, Inclusive Behaviours, Inclusive Leadership, Inclusion, the Corporate Diversity Journey

Inge brings over 10 years of experience working in gender balance, mostly in the tech and engineering industry. She applies her deep expertise in gender difference to partner with clients to develop a gender inclusive culture and gender inclusive processes; thus increasing performance.

Inge is the author of ‘Be Gender Smart – The Key to Career Success for Women’. Her main message is;

‘Leverage the value of difference; don’t change women, change organisations’.

Her work on gender balance, shifted when clients started asking for help with implementing gender initiatives in a wider EDI context. Over the last 3 years she transformed what she learned on implementing gender to apply to wider EDI. After all, leveraging difference beyond gender brings even more opportunities for innovation, and serving all client groups, regardless of their background.

Now Inge is passionate to help those leading EDI to find easy and practical ways to increase their EDI impact, formerly in The Big Fish Academy, but now in Voice At the Table. She runs focus groups, and often works with EDI teams and champions to design EDI strategy, action plans and effective initiatives.

Inge is actively involved with TechUK, TechTalentCharter, iMasons in data infrastructure and the Offshore Wind Council, e.g. advising the industry and writing best practice toolkits to build a more equitable, inclusive and diverse workforce.

Previously Inge has over 15 years of experience working in executive development, process design and change management in large organisations including Shell, Siemens and Ashridge Business School. With a background in commercial organisations and a masters degree in business management clients can expect Inge to keep a strong focus on business results.

Inge is originally from The Netherlands and has lived and worked in India, the Middle East, Canada and Belgium. The last 15 years she has been living and working in the UK.

Inge runs sessions on topics relating to diversity and inclusion, including the following:

Training and mentoring topics on Implementing EDI include:

  • EDI Strategy and Action Plan
  • Choosing Impactful Initiatives
  • Inclusive Recruitment
  • Inclusive Promotion

Talks and Training topics on Gender – Value of Difference include:

  • Gender Smart working for Teams – Value of Gender Difference
  • Gender Smart Organisations
  • Gender Smart working for Leaders
  • Gender Smart working for Women
  • Women Leadership Programmes

Clients she has worked with include: Hiscox, TalkTalk, Royal Academy of Engineering, EDF Luminus, Total, Navigant, Edwards, Public Health England, NHS, Ashurst, and a range of smaller organisations in tech, professional services and engineering.