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Jacqueline Heron

Stress, Resilience and Natural Strengths

Resident Expert on Stress, Resilience, Strengths and Imposter Syndrome

Jacqueline helps people manage pressure effectively and develop resilience, enabling them to deal with unexpected difficulties or extended periods of pressure –  and emerge stronger and more able. Jacqueline enjoys helping professionals realise their natural strengths and anchor them to everything they do and experience, making them naturally more resilient.

Jacqueline also works with organisations on ethical resilience – helping them ‘do the right thing’ in times of adversity.  Starting with the leadership team, she focuses on aligning their stated values with accepted practice and behaviour.

Her corporate acumen enables Jacqueline to help organisations and individuals through periods of transition, in particular:

  • clients who are navigating the M&A process, supporting leaders through this period of change and uncertainty, helping them make sense of the ambiguity as roles change and new cultures emerge
  • working with high potential individuals as part of succession planning
  • helping specialists successfully move into wider leadership roles
  • career planning

With over 25 years’ leadership experience in professional services firms Mercer and Aon Hewitt, Jacqueline has had a range of roles from setting up client management business areas, product development, operational delivery, business improvement and responsibility for high profile regulatory reviews. She previously ran her own financial services business.

A consistent theme across all these roles was on change management, particularly around aligning people to a new vision, creating high performing teams and delivering results (underpinned by the Prince2 project management qualification).

Jacqueline runs sessions on the following topics:

  • A good day at the office: how to manage stress, take control and improve resilience
  • Do you have Imposter Syndrome ……too?
  • Don’t leave your career to chance: how to take control and build a resilient career
  • Know your strengths, boost your performance
  • Develop a growth mindset and build your resilience
  • What got you here won’t get you there: how to move from a successful contributor role to a successful management role
  • Building inclusive teams with 4 generations in the workplace
  • START: Stress and resilience training (1/2 day and full day only)

Jacqueline is an Accredited Practitioner for the Resilience Engine and is certified with Conscious Business Coaching.

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