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Janet Tarasofsky

Challenging Conversations, Conveying Clear Messages, Speaking your Mind

Resident Expert on Challenging Conversations, Conveying Clear Messages, Speaking your Mind

Janet Tarasofsky is the founder of Speaking Rights, a training consultancy that offers valuable insights into how to better navigate the inevitable confrontations that occur in the workplace.
The core of her speeches identifies key elements such as why we avoid challenging conversations, and how to successfully challenge mindsets before equipping my clients with the tools to confidently lead themselves and others.

Recognising the importance of great communication, Janet helps individuals grow through teaching better communication strategies.

Alongside this, Janet is passionate about empowering women across all aspects of life, from gender pay gaps to relationships, drawing on her own life experiences to inform her relevant speeches on these all-important topics.

Janet has over 20 years’ experience in the customer goods industry developing and marketing products around the globe for brands such as Sainsbury’s, Elemis and The Body Shop and is on a mission to help people have more productive conversations.

Janet runs sessions related to speaking up on behalf of yourself, including Courageous Conversations.