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Joanna Gaudoin

Personal Impact & Influence Consultant and Trainer

Resident Expert on Emotional Intelligence, Professional Relationships, Personal Impact Networking and Office Politics

Joanna helps teams in organisations improve business performance by working with them on their personal impact and relationship building skills.  Her experience as a trainer in areas such as office politics and emotional intelligence enable her to improve team cohesion and effectiveness to help teams become more effective in delivering on their organisation’s mission and vision.

Prior to becoming a trainer, Joanna spent 10 years in marketing and consultancy and understands what it is really like working in a large organisation.  Most often, the biggest challenges in an organisation stem from unbalanced work relationships.  Joanna is able to identify and address these challenges as part of her training.

Joanna is highly experienced at running workshops on all aspects of the impact people have on each other, how to engage how to build great professional relationships.   Her work is based on improving self-awareness, developing the knowledge people need to work on what needs improving and then putting into practice what has been learnt.

Joanna delivers EDI training on our Eight Inclusive Behaviours and is a popular speaker on topics including Emotional Intelligence, Personal Impact and Office Politics.

She is the author of the book Getting On: Making work work which helps individuals navigate their day-to-day work challenges and progress their careers.

To find out how Joanna can help your team, please get in touch.