Resident Expert on Brand & Visibility, Introvert Preferences, Team Effectiveness

Katie Driver

Katie helps people think. Drawing on her Senior Civil Service leadership experience, and now working with individuals and organisations across the private, public and charitable sectors, Katie’s particular interest is in enabling quieter individuals to thrive.  She also loves helping teams and firms to develop strategies and ways of working which draw out the very best thinking from all their people as a foundation for focused and successful action.

Katie leads a number of our workshops, including Personal Brand DNA and Success Strategies for Quieter Women.  She is a Certified Business Coach™ and experienced trainer whose calm presence and incisive questions help clients shift their thinking and take purposeful action.

When she’s not working, Katie can usually be found out running.  Katie firmly believes that exercise and fresh air are vital for us to do our best thinking.  For the same reason, Katie is also interested in mindfulness and finding ways to make space for it during the working day.

Katie has recently had articles published by the Daily Telegraph which can be seen here:

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