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Phil Cox

Personal Identity & Purpose, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience

Resident Expert on Personal Identity & Purpose, Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Growth Mindset and Modern Masculinity.

Whether working with individuals or teams, Phil draws on his experiences and learning from the fields of individual & group development, counselling, psychotherapy, and change management.  His counselling training, and subsequent practice as an integrative counsellor, means that he brings a psychologically-informed approach to his work.

We all need to have a sense of purpose and meaning. It brings a richness to our lives – at home and at work.  When purpose and meaning are missing, this can have a detrimental effect on our sense of identity, and – with it – our ability to thrive.  Phil’s focus is on helping others to explore their life purpose and sense of identity; to consider how these bring meaning – and resilience –to their work; and to find ways (such as ‘job crafting’) to achieve alignment of their personal and professional identity.

For over 20 years Phil has held UK and international HR and Leadership Development roles in a variety of organisations; most notably Panasonic, KPMG and PwC.  He started his career as a graduate trainee for M&S, where he became one of their youngest store managers.

These days he works with a range of organisations across many sectors – professional services, retail, financial services, education, pharma and the public sector.  When not working he can usually be found behind the wheel of his 1978 campervan, dragging his family around the UK with him.

Phil runs sessions on Growth MindsetUnconscious Bias, Modern Masculinity, Leading from the Kitchen Table and Emotional Intelligence.

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