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Rebecca Salsbury

Equity Diversity and Inclusion Consultant, Leadership

Rebecca is one of our EDI consultants, specialising in Inclusive Leadership.

Rebecca’s leadership experience is in the media and digital technology sectors, where she has built and led large teams. Most recently, as a senior leader in the BBC, she honed her own leadership practice while shaping teams and hiring talent, changing team cultures, and developing the new managers and team leaders working in her department. Rebecca took part in the BBC’s leadership development programmes in which she facilitated short courses and individual coaching programmes for new and experienced leaders. In her spare time, Rebecca helped establish a staff network aimed at supporting women in male-dominated professions, and started a mentoring scheme as part of the network. She is passionate about encouraging women in technical roles, and helping them find ways to thrive doing what they love.

Rebecca’s particular interests include working with new leaders to discover their authentic style, and helping natural ‘introverts’ use their preferences to an advantage. As a committed introvert herself, with an open style of communication and affinity for continuous improvement, Rebecca generously shares her reflections ‘out loud’ in hope that her musings and self-discovery could be useful to others as much as to herself. She recognises the value of pairing humour with humility as a leader.

Originally from Maine (USA), Rebecca’s lived in the UK for more than 20 years now, but still has an accent. She loves being outside walking or gardening or thinking, and she enjoys knitting and sewing and cooking (and eating) as outlets for creativity.