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Susie Ramroop

Susie Ramroop

Leadership, Focus, Positive Reframing and overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Leader Of Our Retreats, And Resident Expert In Leadership, Focus, Positive Reframing And Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Susie makes an impact. She gets to the core of the matter by asking great questions that dissolve overwhelm and create growth. She is highly commercial, with a strong track record of unlocking solutions in fast moving markets like telecoms and healthcare. Susie empowers people to take the time to know themselves, show true leadership before they get the title, and unlock the path to bigger, more impactful work.

Susie is one of the UK’s thought leaders on imposter syndrome and is regularly featured at Leadership conferences. She is an energetic speaker and committed to bringing clarity of purpose and generating increased role applications from women. Susie is jovial and engenders trust quickly. She fosters curiosity and mental agility, enabling clients to pivot with courage and resilience. Susie believes that personal transformation can be easy and fun and aims to make it so.

Nothing gets past Susie – she sees all of your brilliance and will call out your limiting behaviour so that you surrender chuckling.  Susie is an articulate and empowering Coach, who brings laser focus and an enormous heart to lasting business and personal growth.

Susie is a powerful facilitator who leads engaging sessions that result in clear actions. She is the founder of the transformational three day Reset Retreat, which is exclusively for female leaders looking to balance ambition and fulfilment. Her first book on female leadership will launch in Summer 2020.

Susie lives in London with her eight-year-old daughter with whom she shares creative passions. She is a keen tennis player and unwinds outdoors. Susie also enjoys the arts, particularly dance and photography, and recently joined the school community choir. Susie is a Chartered Marketer and qualified as a Performance Coach in 2006.

Susie runs sessions on the following topics:

  • Beating Imposter Syndrome – how to leave self-doubt behind once and for all, and the single thought system you need instead
  • Leadership In A Disruptive Age – how to feel like you are making progress despite what is going on around you, and three easy tactics that you can employ as a leader even before you get the job title
  • The Power Of Focus – how to make easier decisions and make an impact
  • Can You Ever Really Be Yourself At Work? – Why it is necessary for you to be yourself and how to convey what you really think without conflict
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