Expertise include: Inclusive Teams and Leaders, Gender Balance, Team Strategy, Women's Career Trajectory and Planning, Limiting Beliefs, Confidence, How Women Thrive Professionally, Diversity Journey.

Founder & CEO

Rina has 20 years of experience as a lawyer.  Having started her legal career in Washington DC, she then worked as a banking lawyer with Clifford Chance LLP in London and as a Director in the legal department of ING Bank London.

In her tenure as chair of the employee body, Rina observed that most leaders failed to realise the full potential of their colleagues, leaving untapped much talent, dedication and commitment.  In addition, as mentor to women, she also experienced that, with support and encouragement, women’s self-belief soared, enabling them to clear unhelpful assumptions about themselves and achieve new goals.

Passionate about seeing women achieve their potential by being true to their nature and personality, Rina left the corporate world in 2014 to establish Voice At The Table.  The consultancy helps businesses grow by using gender balance and inclusion as a corporate strategy.  In addition, the consultancy offers training and thought leadership.

Rina talks passionately on the subject of women and inclusive cultures and contributes to the advancement of women by speaking to audiences across the private and public sectors, as well as schools and non-profit organisations.  She co-chairs the London chapter of the Professional Women’s Network and is frequently asked to judge awards events honouring women’s professional achievements.

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