Pouring coffees or making an impression? What it takes to speak up with gravitas

Many professionals struggle with issues of ‘presence’ and gravitas.  They feel undermined and judged by clients, colleagues and managers.  They struggle to get their point across in meetings, and fail to do themselves justice on conference calls and in presentations.  In essence, they are missing opportunities to contribute, to grow, to impress.  And all the while, confidence is being eroded.

The key to solving these common problems lies in establishing robust communication habits.  By addressing your mindset and your skill set you will be better able to deal with challenging situations; you will be more in control and therefore more confident.

During this session you will learn:

  • Practical tools to grow gravitas and ‘presence’- including eye contact, voice projection, body language, pace and pauses
  • Individual strategies for dealing with interruptions/challenge
  • The art of being assertive, not aggressive
  • Negotiation/persuasion techniques.

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