Professional Presence

In this workshop you will develop your gravitas, enhance your self-confidence and personal impact so that you can communicate with more clarity and relevance. You will acquire the skills and the mindset to be more persuasive and assertive; to influence; to be more in control. You will learn techniques to get your voice heard, at the table and beyond.

During the workshop delegates will:

  • Agree your personal ‘brand’ as a speaker/communicator
  • Learn audience and message planning techniques, to be able to resonate with audiences
  • Learn how to make content memorable – not just what you say but also the language you use around your content (eg apologetic, hesitant)
  • Maximise the potential in your voice – intonation, volume, pace, accent
  • Develop a more assertive and yet authentic communication style
  • Learn how to combat nerves in order to be able to perform well under pressure
  • Learn how to assess and critique your own performance for ongoing self-development.

By the end of the workshop delegates will: 

  • Understand what gravitas is and how, practically, to achieve it
  • Have a personalised action plan to improve professional presence
  • Understand how to be more assertive and to get their voice heard
  • Know how to eliminate the bad habits which are undermining their impact

This workshop is for you if you identify with any of the below:

  • You need to be seen as someone who commands respect in a room full of people
  • You want to be a more effective and powerful communicator
  • Your lack of gravitas/impact may be holding you back

Your Trainer: Jayne Constantinis

Jayne has been in the communication ‘business’ since she was ten years old.

Words/language/performing are in her DNA, whether she’s helping an organisation refine its corporate identity; grilling a CFO on her results or helping a lawyer improve her pitch conversion rate.

Working with Olympic superstars prompted her to confront and dispel the myths around confidence in communications – she has consequently developed a unique approach to empowering those who want to be skilful, effective and memorable speakers.

Jayne understands how career/life enhancing being a good communicator is, and she derives huge satisfaction from helping others to ‘shine’ as brightly as they can.