Progress Your Career!


These presentations and workshops focus on career progression, providing practical experience and tips to help realise professional aspirations.

  • How to “Lean In”: a series of practical steps which show how women can make a reality of Sheryl Sandberg’s call for action – working from the creation of a strong and sustaining career vision to the detailed steps needed daily to realise that vision and make it your reality.
  • Practical negotiation techniques: a “how to” on career-related negotiation success.  Effective negotiation is fundamental to progression: to secure the best deal, deliver a multi-partner project, or win a pay rise.  We show you how to establish your needs, how to speak and listen effectively so every conversation counts, and how to conclude negotiations successfully for long term relationships.
  • How to prepare for a successful career as a woman.  The objective of this workshop is to provide awareness of the challenges that women tend to encounter in the pursuit of their careers in order to prepare new entrants into the professions for a more successful, rewarding, enjoyable and longstanding career.
  • Career vs. job: a session on career mapping which will help you to identify and set targets for your own career progression.  We explore the route towards sensible planning which also leaves flexibility to seize new opportunities.  We discuss the impact of starting and growing a family or caring for dependents, and how you can balance long-term career goals with short-term needs.
  • How to get noticed at work: we show how you can move into the limelight whilst being true to yourself.  We explain how understanding your strengths helps you seize – or create – opportunities to showcase you at your best.  And we give you practical advice on publicising your achievements.
  • How to (and how not to) manage an inclusive and empowered team: This workshop shows what you can do to build on the strengths and talents of every person in your team, and how this not only drives up commitment and well-being but also brings great results!
  • How to give (negative and positive) feedback: a session exploring the charged topic of feedback.  Vital to continuous improvement of self and team, yet so often demotivating and emotionally draining.  How can you give feedback successfully? And how can you accept feedback and use it for your own development?