Rachel Vogeleisen: Photographer & Trainer







Rachel started her career as photographer shooting landscapes, while all she wanted to do is photograph people, not being daring enough to ask anyone to pose in front of her camera.

Going back to university for an MA in photography after a successful career in corporate sales was a turning point for Rachel.  In particular, her photography project about women volunteers during WWII allowed Rachel to take her love of photography where she always wanted it to go.

Rachel has been shooting portraits and fashion ever since, creating and styling images under many difference influences, including fine art, movies, magazines and photographers she admires.

Rachel’s determination to focus on photographing people was intensified by a comment from Sacha Van Dorssen at a fashion photography workshop that she is ‘a portrait person’.  Photographer by day and night, Rachel loves photographing people, and believes that a portrait is not only about a face but also about the connection between the photographer and the person being photographed.

Rachel’s aim is to capture each portrait as something unique and soulful. Elegance, refinement, sensuality and thoughtfulness are recurring themes in her work.

Rachel teaches ‘Networking and Influencing Skills through the Art of Portrait Photography’ for Voice At The Table.  To enquire about this masterclass as a team building or corporate away-day, please contact us.