Rediscovering EDI

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Are you already working in a friendly, welcoming environment but there’s something not quite ‘right’ about it? 

Do you wish you had more influence over how people treat you in the workplace?  

Do you sometimes wish you could be a more effective ally to your colleagues and friends?   

Would you like to understand what Inclusion really looks like and what you can do to improve your own and others’ inclusive behaviours? 

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Many people feel like EDI is a term used so broadly that we’ve lost sight of what it is and why it matters. This session is for anyone who would like to understand key concepts and preconceptions in a safe space with like-minded others. 

This training session will equip you with essential insights and practical strategies to influence a more inclusive way of being within your organisation.  The training will explore real-life situations, thus allowing you to practice how to respond and what to say to others.  In this way, each delegate can begin to improve Inclusion, from the moment they leave the session!

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What you’ll gain: 

Celebrating Diversity: Embrace the Diversity of voices and experiences that everyone brings to the table, including your own.  Learn how to champion inclusivity in your organisation.   

Empowering Change: Gain practical strategies to break down barriers and create environments where everyone, including you, feels valued and supported.   

Building Networks: Connect with fellow champions of Inclusion. and forge meaningful connections that can drive positive change. 

Join us if you’d like to take meaningful steps towards creating environments where every voice is heard and valued, including your own! 

We are particularly delighted to welcome all Ukie members to this workshop.  A discount of £20 is available to you.

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