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Good advice I followed: 

If you want to become a leader, don’t worry.   Leadership opportunities materialise everywhere – from the playground, to the classroom, to the meeting room.  Keep your eyes open and when you see one,  grab it and do your best with it.    

Rina Goldenberg Lynch

Founder & CEO, C-Suite Thinking Environment© and EDI Coach, Advisor and Consultant

Expertise include: Inclusive Behaviours, Inclusive Leadership, Inclusion, Respect and Belonging, EDI Business Case and Strategy, the Corporate Diversity Journey, Board and ExCo Training (CPD-compatible), Mitigation of Bias, Bringing Your Whole Self to Work, Gender Balance, Women’s Career Trajectory and Planning, Limiting Beliefs, How Women Thrive Professionally. Executive Coaching in The Thinking Environment®

Rina has 20 years of experience as a lawyer and 10 years as the brains and engine behind Voice At The Table.

Having started her legal career in Washington DC, she then worked as a banking lawyer with Clifford Chance LLP in London and as a Director in the legal department of ING Bank London.

During her career, Rina observed that most organisations had a dominant culture which required – directly or indirectly – every person to adapt.

As a result, leaders often failed to realise the full potential of their colleagues, overlooking their colleagues’ individual differences as strengths, leaving untapped much talent, dedication and commitment.

Having experienced this first-hand and having to learn how to break the corporate mould, Rina developed a passion for passing on her experience and knowledge to other women, helping them attain sustainable career satisfaction by contributing fully and authentically.

Rina mentored many women to break through their own limiting beliefs and to become agents of change for other women and colleagues. Separately, Rina also began to help her own employer to realise women’s untapped contribution by modelling how to value difference and turn it into a useful resource for the business.

This was the catalyst behind Voice At The Table.

As Rina began to work with other organisations, she realised that, while women were benefitting from her support, the real game changer would be changing the environment in which women are working.  After all, in the words of another, if a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.  So her focus expanded and Voice At The Table reflects this.

Rina now works almost exclusively with senior leaders, helping them see and attain the rewards of diversity of thought through inclusion, inclusive behaviours, mitigation of own and systemic bias, creating psychological safety in teams and showing leaders how they can leave a legacy of inspiration, creativity and vision when they devote time and attention to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Rina is a Thinking Environment(C) practitioner and uses its application in her work with leaders.

Rina runs sessions on topics relating to diversity and inclusion, including the following:

  • The Rules of Inclusion: How to become an inclusive leader of an inclusive team.
  • Inclusive Workplaces: 8 behaviours your team cannot live without.
  • Inclusive Leadership:  What is it?  Why do we need it?
  • The traits of an Inclusive Leader: how to develop leaders for the future
  • The Impact Of Words: How To Know What Not To Say
  • The Value Of Harnessing The Diversity Of Your People: Opportunities Ripe For The Picking
  • Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: The Competitive Advantage
  • Gender Balance At Work: Good For Women, Good For Men.
  • Turn On Your Unconscious Bias Radar
  • Inclusive Meetings: How To Get The Best Contribution From Your Team At Meetings
  • Leading The Next Generation: What Does That Look Like?
  • What Are You Assuming About Me? How To Attract And Retain A Diverse Team.

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