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Inclusive Behaviours

Do you and your team know what Inclusion looks like in the workplace?

Do you know what inclusive behaviours look, sound and feel like?

Are you aware of the words you use in the workplace and the impact they have on others?

Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours in the Workplace© :

  • are a series of short videos, forming a springboard to conversations about EDI with graduates and emerging talent
  • are an introduction to our Eight Inclusive Behaviours© (IBs) that, together, make up inclusion
  • address key questions, including the following:

         What is empathy and why is it important in the workplace?

         What does it mean to listen inclusively?

         What is bias and how do we mitigate it?

         How do our personal values differ and why does it matter?

         How does being humble and vulnerable in the workplace help inclusion?

         How can valuing difference give birth to new ideas?

         How can we be mindful of the words we use and understand their impact on others?

         How can we speak out respectfully yet constructively?


  • are vital because, while people may be familiar with the terms equity, diversity and inclusion, they don’t always know how these words manifest themselves in the workplace, or what they mean to them personally. They may also not know what actions to take in order to be more inclusive. Our Stepping Stones explain this.
  • are for those at the start of their career, with simple content that is easy to grasp with clear examples of what good inclusive behaviour looks like.  Because Stepping Stones can be fully aligned with your organisation’s values, they also work well as an introduction for new joiners, as part of an induction programme.
  • can be introduced as part of an 8 week training programme during which participants watch one video each week (addressing one of the 8 Inclusive Behaviours©), choose a challenge for the relevant behaviour and then put it into practice the following week.   Ahead of launch, a benchmarking survey is conducted. Another survey at the end of the programme shows what progress has been made, where challenges remain and what might be suitable next steps.


In summary, with Stepping Stones, your team will:


  •  gain insight and a deeper understanding into what it means to behave inclusively
  • understand what inclusive behaviours look like and how non-inclusive behaviours impact others at work.  
  • have the opportunity to practise each of the 8 Inclusive Behaviours and increase their self-awareness. 


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