Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviours in the Workplace

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Stepping Stones to Inclusive Behaviour in the Workplace©

Helping those at the start of their career to embed inclusive behaviours with a series of 10 short videos introducing our 8 Inclusive Behaviours©

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Stepping Stones are aimed at those at the start of their careers, to help embed and practise how to be inclusive as they go through their working lives.

Below is a short summary of each three-to-six minute episode from the series. Click on episodes 3 and 7 to watch the complete videos from the Stepping Stones series.

1 empathy

1. Empathy

How does the use of empathy make workplaces more inclusive? 


In this episode, we share some insights into what empathy means to those we work with and suggest some things we can all try to use more empathy.

2 listening

2. Listening

Do you listen well? Do others feel heard when you listen to them? 


In this episode, we focus on the importance of good listening and show how taking steps to become better listeners makes us more inclusive. 

Click here to watch a the video for Mitigating Bias

Click here to watch a the video for Mitigating Bias

3. Mitigating Bias

We all have biases, but how can we identify and then mitigate them? 


In this episode, we share some ideas for challenging our natural biases and being aware of the assumptions we make, so we can act more inclusively.

4 personal values

4. Personal Values

How does understanding our own values and priorities help us to be more accepting and inclusive? 


In this episode, we look at how we can widen our expectations of what is acceptable so that we can be ourselves at work and respect others’ rights to be themselves. We suggest some practical ways to identify your own values and those of your colleagues, and explore how appreciating them can help you be more inclusive.  

5 humility and vulnerability

5. Humility and Vulnerability

Do you feel able to show humility and vulnerability at work? Can you admit and embrace your own mistakes as an opportunity to learn and invite contributions from others? 


In this episode, we explore what being humble and allowing ourselves to be vulnerable look like at work and how being this way can build a stronger team which welcomes everyone’s contributions. 


6 valuing difference

6. Valuing Difference

Do you think that difference can bring value to your workplace?


In this episode, we explore the benefits from appreciating difference in our colleagues and customers, and offer some ideas for expanding our horizons and being more inclusive 


Click here to watch a video for Use of Language

Click here to watch a video for Use of Language

7. Use of Language

Why is it particularly important to be mindful of the words we use at work? 


In this episode, we share some examples to show the impact of words and offer some challenges to practise a more inclusive use of language. 

8 speaking out

8. Speaking Out

Have you ever spoken out for someone at work that is being unjustly treated? Why is it important that we do this?

In this episode, we look at how speaking out challenges existing practices and thinking. We explore ways that using an open yet light-hearted approach can help us to tackle serious issues and help everyone feel included.  

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With Stepping Stones, your team will:

  • Gain insight and a deeper understanding into what it means to behave inclusively
  • Understand what inclusive behaviours look like and how non-inclusive behaviours impact others at work.
  • Have the opportunity to practise each of the 8 Inclusive Behaviours and increase their self-awareness.

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