Learn How To ‘Get What You Want From The World’ Through Communication

In this workshop you will learn how to become a more effective communicator, both in and out of the workplace. You will develop self confidence and personal impact so that you can communicate with more clarity and relevance. You will acquire the tools and the mind set to influence; to be more in control. You will learn techniques to get your voice heard, at the table and beyond.

By the end of the workshop you will:

  • Recognise the fundamental building blocks of good communication and how to acquire them
  • Understand how to be more assertive and persuasive while remaining genuine
  • Learn how to use skilful communication to build relationships, at home and at work
  • Know how to eliminate the bad habits which are undermining your impact and your confidence
  • Be more in control.

This workshop is for you if you identify with any of the following:

  • You don’t think you have the impact on your audience that you desire/deserve
  • You feel people are not taking you seriously
  • You often leave a situation wishing you had communicated better and thereby achieved a better outcome
  • You have been told that your communication skills are letting you down
  • Your lack of confidence/impact/skill are holding you back in your professional and personal life.

Your Trainer: Jayne Constantinis

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