10 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues: Tip Number Six



Recently I was inspired to share 10 tips on how our surroundings might help improve our mood and outlook. To read more about what inspired me, see my post on LinkedIn Pulse HERE.

My FIRST TIP was about losing your mind in the present.  My SECOND was about letting someone else guide you for a day.  My THIRD ONE encourages you to try something new or something that you haven’t done for a long time, and the FOURTH TIP is about greeting someone you don’t know.  Tip FIVE was to reconnect with a loved one.

Today’s tip is to find inspiration.

Inspiration: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

The feeling of being inspired is fulfilling and – dare I say it – addictive.  It makes one feel energetic, young, insightful, part of something secret, something that most others can’t see or feel.  Being inspired is a magical feeling.

But how does one find inspiration?  Everyone is inspired in different ways.  I, for instance, get energy and ideas from beautiful surroundings – natural sunlight, undulating hills, sparkling seas, wild flowers, green landscapes, fluffy clouds, to name but a few of my favourite sights.  I also find people’s ideas inspirational – brave accomplishments, innovative thoughts, quirky phrases, grandiose dreams.

Sometimes, inspiration strikes in unexpected ways – it can be an observation made about a situation, or someone uttering a few words that lead to a creative thought, or sometimes just walking on your own leads to great creativity.  In fact, making time for oneself to just think is one of the best ways to find inspiration.

And to get the most out of it, once you find that inspiration, act on it!

Next tip: go to bed early!