The Big Fish D&I Academy Programme 2020

Sharing best practices. Improving effectiveness. Nurturing D&I Talent.


The Big Fish Academy Annual Programme (Jan - Dec)

Ten FREE virtual expert interviews
designed to brief you on the latest key D&I topics. Great when you need ideas & inspiration.

Four consulting sessions
one-to-one advice on a given topic, when you need someone’s advice for a specific challenge or are looking for a tailored approach.

Seven webinars
a compact overview of key learnings if you are unable to attend a face-to-face session or when you just need a quick overview.

Seven training sessions
face-to-face learning opportunities with time to practice & to network. Perfect when you need to build up skills, need ideas and inspiration.

FREE online resources

Training Sessions and Webinars

Diversity & Inclusion Strategy: from Ideas to Action

Designing your D&I vision: what is D&I, where are we now, where do we want to be. Identifying stakeholders. Setting priorities. Quick wins.

Training: Thursday 16th Jan 09.30 – 13.00 OR Webinar: Tuesday 21 Jan 12.30 – 13.30

Diversity & Inclusion: Getting Senior Leaders on Board

Linking D&I strategy to business vision and values. Appealing to the heart and mind. Addressing major concerns and challenges.

Training: Thursday 12th March 09.30 – 13.00 OR Webinar: Tuesday 17 March 12.30-13.30

Diversity & Inclusion: Influencing Team Leaders and Middle Managers

Influencing skills, tailoring the business case, nudging, difficult conversations, appreciative enquiry. Carrot or stick?

Training: Thursday 14th May 09.30 - 1300 OR Webinar: Tuesday 19 May 12.30 – 13.30

Recruiting for Diversity in Tech & Engineering

Employee branding, gender bilingual advertising, recruitment channels, job descriptions, de-biasing the hiring and selection process, inclusive interviews and assessments.

Training: Thursday 11th June 09.30 -13.00 OR Webinar: Tuesday 16th June 12.30 -13.30

Developing skills and behaviours for an inclusive workforce

Selecting and designing impactful programmes, including mentoring, sponsorship, women’s leadership, inclusive leadership and unconscious bias.

Training: Thursday 9th July 09.30 – 13.00 OR Webinar: Tuesday 14th July 12.30-13.30

Creating an inclusive culture

Influencing culture and behaviour of leaders, middle managers and employees, fostering openness and curiosity, creating safe spaces and dialogue.

Training : Thursday 24th Sept 09.30 – 13.00 OR Webinar: Tuesday 29th Sept 12.30 -13.30


My D&I Agenda for 2021

Trends and new topics that have impacted the D&I agenda in 2020 and showing you how to incorporate them into existing or new strategy for 2021.

Training: Thursday 12 Nov 09.30 - 13.00 OR Webinar: Tuesday 17 Nov 12.30 - 13.30


Expert Interviews – LIVE virtual interviews with Q&A

30 Jan     12.30-13.30
What’s new in Diversity & Inclusion

Latest trends, research and topics

27 Feb     12.30-13.30
Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Best case scenarios, effective initiatives

26 Mar    12.30-13.30
Age Diversity - Bridging the Generations in the Workplace

What companies are doing to make the most of the inter- generational workforce

30 April   12.30-13.30
Working With Neuro-Diverse Colleagues

The basics, the research and the trends

21 May   12.30-13.30
The Future of Work

The meaning behind Flexible/Agile/Dynamic Working

25 June   12.30-13.30
Advancing Women to Senior Levels

What works and what doesn’t

23 July   12.30-13.30
Disability Adjustments at Work: What You Need to Know

Successful disability case studies

23 Sept   12.30-13.30
Collecting Data for Diversity: Getting People to Declare

How to get more information from your workforce

28 Oct   12.30-13.30
Staff Networks: Do we Still Need Them?

Latest trends in staff support networks

26 Nov   12.30-13.30
Understanding Modern Masculinity

A look at men’s values and how they have changed over time

10 Dec   12.30-13.30
Breaking Barriers for Ethnic Minorities in the Workplace

What good companies are doing to advance minorities



Big Fish Bundles 2020

Programme (Jan to Dec)

Aquarium Bundle

Reef Bundle

Ocean Bundle

Online Resources
Expert Interviews
Training Sessions 2 3 7
Webinars 5 4 4
Consulting Sessions - - 4
Price Per Person (excl. VAT) £490 (value over £925) £750 (value over £1410) £1995 (value over £3630)


Individual Session Fees (per person, exclusive VAT):

  webinar £45

  training session £350

  individual consulting session £250

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