The Impact of Words

Do you sometimes say things that are deemed inappropriate by others? Do you have difficulty understanding why that might be? Do you see Diversity & Inclusion as someone else’s issue? In this workshop, you will begin to understand how others might perceive your words, how to gauge the appropriate nature of certain comments and how to value the difference that each person brings through his and her unique experience and background.

In this workshop, you will

  • Learn the meaning of empathy and how to get it
  • Learn how our assumptions impact how we see and judge others, rightly or wrongly
  • Learn to test our comments for appropriateness before they’re made
  • Learn the meaning of diversity in its broadest sense and how it applies to each of us

This workshop is for you if you identify with any of the below:

  • You’ve been made aware of the fact that you sometimes make comments that others find inappropriate, even offensive
  • You don’t intentionally want to offend but don’t always appreciate that your words might do that
  • Your comments have resulted in career consequences for others by either demotivating them or even precluding them from progressing to the next level
  • You are in a position of influence and what you say has a bigger impact than you sometimes appreciate

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