Time Management for Busy Women


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Workshop description:  In this workshop Cara Moore, an experienced coach and trainer, herself a ‘completer-finisher’, will show you strategies that work to ensure that what you get done in your day are the most important tasks, not just the easiest! Including tips to beat procrastination, minimise distractions and improve your focus.

During the workshop you will learn how to:

  • Put more structure in your working day
  • Realise where you are wasting time
  • Adopt strategies to use your time more effectively
  • Focus on the most important things to get done
  • Stop being distracted by time thieves
  • Be effective, not just efficient
  • Protect your Golden Hour

You will take away your own personalised plan to manage your precious resource, time, to best effect, so that at the end of each day you’ve got the right things done. You will also learn the difference between multi-tasking and task-switching and why the later is an incredibly inefficient use of your time.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You ever set aside an hour in your mind or even in your diary to do that really important task and find that the time has passed and you haven’t even begun.
  • If you have projects that seem too overwhelming to start or things that have been on your To Do List for months and months.
  • You get distracted by incoming emails, ‘must-read’ links on Linked-in, or think that if you deal with all the small, easy things first (even just sending a quick text) that it will clear your mind so you can focus on the bigger task on your list.
  • You are always late to meetings and appointments despite your best intentions.
  • You feel overwhelmed by what’s asked of you and you try and accomplish a bit of everything and feel that actually you do nothing well.