Using The Power Of Mindset To Achieve Success For Yourself And Others

ann terry

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Description:  Are you interested in finding the missing key to sustaining your motivation and that of others through times of change and challenge?  Do you want to learn a self-leadership skill that will enable you to thrive?  In this workshop Ann Terry, an experienced coach and facilitator, will introduce you to a simple idea about how we can best use our brains to foster our own growth and nurture our own resilience.  We will also develop mastery in how you can use this to help others achieve the same results.

During the workshop you will explore how to:

  • Recognise how a simple belief you hold about yourself unconsciously guides a large part of your life
  • Realise how your view of your own personality maybe holding you back
  • Develop effective strategies to help unleash your potential and be robust to push backs
  • Practice skills in increasing engagement and motivation in helping people get unstuck
  • Have simple strategies to increase the honesty, risk taking and trust within your teams
  • Learn skills and strategies that will help you effectively develop confidence in people you care about both at work and at home

By the end of the workshop: 

You will take away an in-depth understanding of own Mindset and how you can nudge it to be more helpful to you.  You will have a range of tactics and strategies based on proven academic research to also grow and develop the confidence and performance of others around you.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You find yourself ruminating over problems, failures or setbacks and finding it hard to move on
  • You know where you want to go but can’t work out what’s stopping you
  • You want to know how to create a mindset that supports you achieving your potential
  • Some members of your team are stepping away from challenge or avoiding difficulties
  • You want to find a way of having more meaningful conversations on performance
  • Want to have some techniques to deal with talented individuals whose performance has plateaued