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Voice On The Air is our public podcast series in which we introduce you to a number of relevant topics.  Listen to short audio interviews with experts and pick up a few practical tips to start implementing today.

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Andrea James

Andrea James

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Professional Presence:  What is it?  It’s not something you’re born with? Practical strategies to achieve more presence.  Learn from the professionals, like Jayne Constantinis, the guest on this podcast.

Networking – do I have to?  Joanna Gaudoin shares her expertise on the value of networking to your career, no matter what your role, with tips to get you started!

AuthenticityWhat does it mean to be authentic?  Why is it important? How can we be authentic at work?  Listen to what Emily Thorpe has to say about authenticity.

Make Your Presentation Count: Constance Lamb tells you how to hook people in and make them listen to your message in any type and style of presentation.

Storytelling: Katie Driver’s version on how to weave stories into presentations, pitches and important conversations in order to better convey concepts and messages.  Friday Voice recording.

Quieter Women: Listen in for ideas from Katie Driver, a self-confessed introvert, about how to use your quiet strengths successfully at work. Friday Voice recording.

Emerging LeadershipThis podcast explores Amanda Cullen’s experience of leadership and how she helps people to identify and work with their natural leadership style.

Limiting Beliefs: What are limiting beliefs? How do we overcome them? Cara and Rina share their thoughts on this subject.

Playlist: Changing the Playing Field: Hear our conference speakers tell you what they think has changed in the leadership landscape.

Friday Voice: Success Strategies for Quieter Women: Katie Driver shares her strategies on how to be noticed and heard at work as an introverted person.

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