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We are a gender diversity and inclusion consultancy. Our aim is to prepare your company for the future with the benefit of gender balance and diversity of thought.

The Value of Diversity


In today's fast-paced, interconnected digital knowledge economy, the growth of companies is determined by their people rather than natural resources.  Businesses that are best able to harness the innovation and creativity of their people are the businesses that will lead, thrive and succeed in this century.


The answer to successfully addressing the challenges of today’s marketplace is your organisation's ability to draw out and capitalise on the diversity of your people.  We believe that investing in diversity and inclusion today will help you survive and thrive as a business tomorrow.

What do we mean by inclusion?

A workplace environment in which individual differences are welcomed, valued and sought out for the benefit of the individual, the team and the business. We know how to develop inclusive workplaces.

What do we mean by gender diversity?

We know you want more women to work in your organisation. The biggest challenge to attracting retaining and promoting women is workplace culture. We understand what it takes for women to thrive in a corporate environment.

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Our Mission

Our aim is to build inclusive corporate cultures in which individuals of all backgrounds are valued and contribute fully and authentically.

 How We Do It


We help you attract, retain and promote women


We develop inclusive behaviours in your leaders and team members


We empower your employees to bring their whole selves to work

Our Clients Include 

What Our Clients Say About Us

I had been earmarked for promotion and together with my coach we identified the areas that I was keen to work on. My coach immediately understood my needs and working with her has been like a breath of fresh air. Her straightforward no-nonsense approach, honesty and sense of humour have proved to be invaluable. I would recommend my coach without hesitation. She has taken me on a voyage of self-discovery which has been both challenging and enjoyable. Thank you for your patience and perseverance. Working with you has been an absolute pleasure!

Head of Deal Execution

ING Bank

…amazing how one afternoon can permanently change the way one presents. Certainly, the most powerful afternoon of change I ever had. Cannot thank you enough. I pass on some of your learnings to my direct reports - and it helps them too.



I thought this was a really engaging and thought-provoking session which I am taking a huge amount away from and hope to be able to put into practice. This was one of the best sessions I have ever attended.

Workshop Delegates


I absolutely loved the event, how interactive it was, all the engaging examples used and it encourages me to reflect within and think broadly.

Workshop Delegate

Mayer Brown

Take a look at our short video to understand what we mean by diversity and inclusion and what each individual can do to invite diversity into his or her life.

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