Meet Our Team

Rina Goldenberg Lynch

Gender Parity Advocate, Founder & CEO Voice At The Table, Co-Founder, The Big Fish D&I Academy

Jude Sclater

Jude Sclater

Executive coaching, peer mentoring, developing female talent pipeline, personal impact, and developing vision.

Meet Our Experts

Joanna Gaudoin

Networking, Office Politics, Professional Relationships and Personal Impact

Katie Driver

Katie Driver

Thoughtful Leadership, Introvert Preferences, Strengths Profiles, Team Effectiveness

Cara Moore

Work-Life Balance, Resilience, Limiting Beliefs, Time Management

Janet Tarasofsky

Challenging Conversations, Conveying Clear Messages, Speaking your Mind

Jayne Constantinis

Verbal Communications, Public Speaking, Presence & Gravitas, Assertive Speaking, Master of Ceremonies and Interviews. TEDx speaker.

Maria Antoniou

Reframing Unhelpful Mindsets, Behavioural Change, Building successful relationships, Resilience and Making an Impact

Phil Cox

Personal Identity & Purpose, Emotional Intelligence, and Resilience

Indira Kennedy

Emotional Intelligence, Learning & Development and Inclusive Leadership.

David Levenson

Organisational Change, Executive and Business Coaching, Social Housing, Public and Charitable Sectors, Disruptive Technologies, Governance Skills Training, Developing Male Allies

Inge Woudstra

Inge Woudstra

Facilitator, Consultant, Researcher, Gender Diversity Expert & Co-Founder of The Big Fish D&I Academy

Sarah Hayes

Sarah Hayes

Cultural transformation, Developing an Inclusive workplace, flexible working, change management, strengths based leadership, team dynamics, team dynamics

Susie Ramroop

Susie Ramroop

Leadership, Focus, Positive Reframing and overcoming Imposter Syndrome